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Sholom Eisenstat

Retired Educator
Founder of ADRABA
Toronto, Ontario
Sholom grew up in Toronto with some time spent in Jerusalem, Montreal, and Winnipeg. He graduated from Jewish Day School and got several degrees in Jewish Studies and Education at McGill in Montreal. His MA focussed on the History of Jewish Interpretation of the Torah - Parshanut HaMikra.

After teaching in day schools for several years and some time in business, Sholom taught Computer Studies and technical courses in public high school. In the early 90s, he was one of the first evangelists for using computer technology in Jewish Education. He retired in 2015. Sholom shared a (Canadian) Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Education for curriculum and program design done for the CyberARTS program in Toronto schools. He has also been teaching classes in the local community for many years.

Sholom's scholarly interest focusses on the history of the text of the Torah. The 'inverted nuns' in Numbers have been a particular passion for him for several decades. He recently published on this topic and is currently preparing a longer history of the 'inverted nuns'.

Sholom was the Program Team Leader for LIMMUD Toronto.

Sholom is also one of the founders of ADRABA a new Jewish high school program in Toronto. ADRABA offers Jewish studies content high school courses, online. ADRABA.ca

He lives in Toronto with his wife, Rifka.